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Innovative CGI advertisement created by ClyTech for Pubg Mobile.

Clytech’s CGI project for Pubg Mobile is drawing attention in the gaming world as well. This campaign, specially prepared for the 29th October Republic Day, combines in-game dynamics with national values. The project, conducted under the hashtag “#cumhuriyetdropları,” offers gamers both a fun experience and the joy of a national holiday on a digital platform.

The Convergence of CGI Technology and Entertainment

In the professionally crafted CGI scenes by Clytech, we first see a Pubg player. Then, Republic drops, released from a plane and seen over different cities of Turkey, gracefully glide through the sky. This work demonstrates that CGI technology is not just a visual tool but also a powerful means of communication capable of conveying emotional and meaningful messages.

This project reaffirms Clytech’s leading role in digital creativity. Pushing the boundaries of CGI, this visual campaign is an excellent example of how brands and developers can create meaningful and interactive connections with users. In short, the #cumhuriyetdropları project for Pubg Mobile reflects Clytech’s innovative approach in the industry and deep knowledge in digital marketing.