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Reis | Jewellery Prego Collection

Meno, Dolce, Dolore. Life moves faster than expected. This rapid change is penetrating into us, and we watch it with amazement and admiration. The universe has embarked on a journey that tells us not what we touch, but what we cannot touch. We thought Reis should also have a touch on this rapid change of crust of the world. We set out from the Mediterranean climate and found ourselves in 3 unchanging realities… We brought together 3 objects in a single motto. Nature designs, we find inspiration in it. Nothing ends, everything changes and evolves. The only thing that does not change is the three feelings that life gives us. Bitter, sweet and sour… In front of you; Meno, Dulce and Dolare. Breeze-inspired NFTs of the Mediterranean, designed with the timeless feelings of the new world.

ClientReisYearJul, 2022Share