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Innovative CGI advertisement created by ClyTech for Tadelle.

Sometimes, an ordinary day is interrupted by a sweet surprise at an unexpected moment. This is precisely the moment captured by the Tadelle CGI project brought to life by Clytech.

Tadelle’s CGI Commercial Exceeds 16 Million Views in Just One Week!

An Unexpectedly Sweet Moment

Two youths, keeping pace with the bustling rhythm of the city, wait impatiently for the train at the metro station. This ordinary wait becomes a part of Tadelle’s colorful and joyful world.

Tadelle’s Surprise

The approaching train is wrapped in Tadelle’s vibrant advertising visuals; every surface reflects the flavor of the brand’s iconic chocolate. When the train stops and the doors gently open, thousands of Tadelle chocolates cascade out like a waterfall. The youths at the station cannot hide their astonishment at this visual feast. The joy on their faces as they look at each other and smile is the purest form of happiness brought by Tadelle.

The Sweet Touch of CGI

Crafted with expertise by Clytech, this CGI project blends Tadelle’s “sweet” world with the power of imagination. Surreal images and creative ideas reinforce the brand’s fun and warm image. This campaign shows that Tadelle is not just a chocolate producer; it aims to add joy to everyday life.