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Our CGI advertising project titled “Who Said Golf Shoes Can’t Fly?” carried out in collaboration with J.Lindeberg at NK Sport Stockholm is a perfect example of how fashion and technology can intertwine. This project goes beyond just an advertising campaign, showcasing what can be achieved at the intersection of technology and fashion.

Project Background

In this special project, a giant replica of J.Lindeberg’s famous Vent 500 golf shoe is lowered onto the roof of the shopping center via drones and then released inside the building. Immediately after, this creative CGI advertisement was shared with viewers on Instagram. Furthermore, the project didn’t stop there; a physical replica of the shoe is also on display at NK Sport, thus merging the digital and real worlds.

Meeting of Technology and Creativity

At Clytech, we utilized the latest CGI technology to bring this project to life. This not only offers a visual feast to the audience but also highlights the innovative aspects of the products and brand partners we focus on. Additionally, the use of 3D printing technology and recycled materials in the project demonstrates our commitment to sustainability.

The Significance of the Clytech and J.Lindeberg Partnership

Our collaboration with J.Lindeberg is a testament to how Clytech can blend fashion with technology. This project stands out as an example of how brands can tell more interactive and innovative stories. Our partnership is the result of an innovative approach that reflects not only our products but also our brand values.

Exhibition Experience at NK Sport

This exhibition at NK Sport Stockholm offers visitors an innovative breath in their shopping experience. The exhibition physically demonstrates how fashion and technology can come together to create impressive experiences.

Our project is an example of how creative ideas and innovative works can leave a mark on the target audience. At Clytech, by pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology, we will continue to provide unforgettable experiences to our audience. Our partnership with J.Lindeberg is a beautiful example of collaboration on this journey.”