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Innovative CGI advertisement created by ClyTech for Tadelle.

Creativity and innovation are key to telling brand stories and reaching target audiences. In this regard, Clytech, serving global firms across various sectors, continues to push the boundaries of creativity, elevating brands to new heights.

Clytech, for the Tadelle brand, not only broke viewer records with its dazzling CGI campaign but also attracted significant media attention. Featuring on prestigious digital platforms like Marketing Türkiye, this project proved to be more than a visual feast; it made a significant impact in the industry.

This project, one of Turkey’s most-watched CGI campaigns with over 20 million views, included innovative ideas such as dressing the Istanbul Metro in Tadelle packaging, followed by thousands of Tadelles flowing onto the platform. This success can be seen as a testament to Clytech Agency’s creative vision and effective use of technology.

In short, as an innovative agency, Clytech will continue to offer innovative solutions in every project, reflecting the essence of the brand and aiming to establish a genuine connection with the target audience.