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Innovative CGI advertisement created by ClyTech for Honor 90.

Clytech once again takes the stage with a flawless fusion of creativity and technology. This time, the spotlight is on Honor’s smartphone, the Honor 90 model, hosting a visual feast. Honor 90, with Clytech’s creative touches, mesmerizes tech enthusiasts by offering a visual experience beyond the real world.

Clytech and Honor showcased the Honor 90 with an impressive CGI presentation. In this display, a wall on the corner of a building in Nişantaşı opens up to reveal the Honor 90 smartphone in a gigantic size. The phone, with its vivid colors and crystal clarity, captures attention while presenting a visual experience beyond dreams, as a basketball emerges from its screen. This collaboration offers more than just a phone; it promises a visual feast, combining technology and creativity.

The standout element in this creative advertisement is the CGI technology. The importance of CGI in this project lies in its power to transform an ordinary promotion into an unforgettable and interactive visual feast. Clytech’s creative execution elevates the Honor 90 from just a technological marvel to a product of imagination in the eyes of the viewers.