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Innovative CGI advertisement created by ClyTech for İstinye Park İzmir.

Valentine’s Day is a special day where love is celebrated in its most beautiful form. Istinye Park Izmir, aiming to make this special day unforgettable, collaborated with Clytech to create a dazzling CGI project. This project combines the symbolic expression of love with creativity that pushes the boundaries of technology, offering viewers a unique experience.

The project’s first scene begins with a closed elevator door located at the top point of the shopping mall. Then, as the elevator door opens upwards and downwards, a massive red heart-shaped balloon slowly comes out and moves forward, symbolizing the magnitude of love to the viewers. Following this, a plethora of red heart-shaped balloons glide out of the elevator, falling towards the garden of the mall. This image fills the garden of Istinye Park Izmir with love, as if hearts are raining from the sky.

Expressing Love through CGI

This special CGI project by Istinye Park Izmir reveals creative and impressive new ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The creativity and technological prowess of Clytech offer unforgettable moments to the audience, reminding everyone that love is everywhere. This project elevates Istinye Park Izmir beyond being just a shopping center, providing visitors with a visual experience in the digital world.