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On Valentine’s Day, the most special day for love and passion, the originality of MAD Perfume and the mastery of Clytech in CGI technology come together. Clytech has created a CGI advertising project specifically for MAD Perfume, offering visually stimulating imagery that moves the emotions. Here are the details of this unique project, prepared with the perfect harmony of advertising and CGI technology.

Perfume Brought to Life with CGI Technology

A large advertising billboard adorning the city square catches the attention of a couple walking by. As they approach the billboard, they slow down and stop to watch the scene unfold. The scene on the billboard comes to life, and the MAD Perfume Bruno Gold bottle appears in a dazzling manner. The gold-yellow, eye-catching bottle transforms into a three-dimensional visual feast with the impressive touches of CGI, as if stepping out from the billboard. The final scene is a spectacular show; the perfume rising from the billboard rains down on the lovely couple. These moments serve as a finale that reinforces both the power of CGI in advertising and the brand image of MAD Perfume.
In summary, MAD Perfume’s Valentine’s Day special CGI advertisement reflects the brand’s innovative spirit and the excitement of love. Prepared with Clytech’s deep expertise in advertising and CGI, this campaign leaves a lasting impression on consumers.